Self Talk – Reframe

Self Talk

Reframing is a type of self-talk that is often considered the most effective tool in psychology. Reframing refers to how situations or thoughts are challenged and changed. It requires a person to intentionally change their mindset by challenging the predominantly negative emotions from an event out of the event and implementing a process to think about the event in a positive way.

One of the most extreme examples of a reframe comes from a boy in a coma for twelve years. Martin’s family, friends, and caregivers thought he was vegetative because he could not respond verbally or physically. However, he was aware of everything happening around him; one day, he heard his loving mother say, “I wish you would die.” He reframed his mother’s comment and found a way to cope with his situation. After twelve years, he came out of the coma. Here is an interview in his own words: Boy in coma reframes to cope