The Elite Mindset Report for Junior Golfers


The Elite Golf Mindset evaluation is a chance for you to evaluate your mental approach to golf. It contains 20 questions; those questions are based on 5 years of research assessing the mindsets of top TaylorMade performers. You will receive a personalized feedback report within 48 hours of completing the questions. That feedback report will give you data on how you rank in the key factors that make up a successful mindset for golf.

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The Elite Mindset Report for Junior Golfers results from 6 years of research on the mindsets of the best golfers in the world. That research suggests that four aspects of mindset: confidence, drive, focus, and resilience are common parts of a winning mindset. The Elite Mindset Report for Junior Golfers allows the young golfer to learn their strengths and growth areas in these four variables. The report will provide a ranking of the variables and suggest mental skills that can strengthen the junior’s growth areas.